Our solution

AGREEMAR proposes an integrated and coordinated methodology to assess and map the feasibility of managed aquifer recharge (MAR) in the Mediterranean basin and safeguard its success through the implementation of an adaptive governance framework. This will be achieved through:

Feasibility mapping

Development of a methodology for the selection of feasible locations for MAR application based on the integration of demand for groundwater-dependent services, conventional and non-conventional water sources, and intrinsic hydrogeological conditions.

Groundwater modelling

Validation of the feasibility maps through numerical models at watershed and local scale to assess the improvements in reliability, vulnerability and resilience provided by the inclusion of MAR schemes in water management schemes.

Governance systems

Development of a general participatory governance framework at regional level and implementation of co-created location-specific agreements for MAR benefits sharing endorsed by cross-sectoral stakeholder groups.

Stakeholders engagement

Implementation of a participative multi-actor approach for fostering the engagement of stakeholders from different societal sectors and actor groups in all stages of project development.

Join our efforts to improve the methodology for MAR feasibility mapping!

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New research topic for a Master’s thesis

The Research Group INOWAS at TUD proposes the following research topic for a Masters’ student: Analysis of the effects of MAR on the local groundwater system through groundwater flow modelling of the Akrotiri MAR scheme, Cyprus Background Enhancing groundwater recharge by storing surplus water in the subsurface in times of high availability followed by recovery in times of high demand …

AGREEMAR represented at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Geosciences Union (MedGU-22) in Marrakech, Morocco

On behalf of the AGREEMAR consortium, the project partner Dr. Constantinos Panagiotou from the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence in Cyprus attended between 27-30 November 2022 the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Geosciences Union (MedGU-22) in Marrakech, Morocco.  Dr. Constantinos Panagiotou from the ERATOSTHENES Centre of Excellence in Cyprus attending the 2ndAnnual Meeting of the Mediterranean Geosciences Union in Marrakesh, …

Great news from Portugal regarding future MAR development in the country

We are happy to share some great news from Portugal: the Portuguese Assembly of the Republic has recently recommended the Government to encourage the development of projects and initiatives that contribute to the operationalisation of the managed aquifer recharge, as a complementary water resources management solution in the face of worsening drought scenarios, evaluating and safeguarding adequately any environmental impacts. The two …

Assessing the stakeholders’ needs and demo site requirements in Tunisia

After having successfully conducted needs assessment missions to Spain and Portugal in November, Tunisia was next on the list from 12-16 December 2022. The project team, consisting of INAT, TU Dresden and adelphi met with general (national), regional as well as local stakeholders and visited the demo sites in the Chiba basin on the Cap Bon Peninsula. Approach for the …

Meeting with the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers (CAP)

Stakeholder meetings to assess their needs and weighting of MAR feasibility criteria at project demo site in Portugal

In the period 18-21 November 2022, AGREEMAR project partners LNEC and adelphi held bilateral meetings with key stakeholders of the project demo sites in Portugal including the regional office of the Portuguese Environmental Agency in Alentejo (APA), regional water utilities (EDIA and AgdA-AdP) and a farmer union (CAP). After the project was introduced in a stakeholder workshop in June, the …

AGREEMAR stakeholders' workshop in Valencia, November 2022

Needs assessment workshop and meetings with stakeholders from the Júcar Water District in Spain

On 3 November 2022, the UPV team of the AGREEMAR project organised a workshop with the main stakeholders of the Spanish demo region to discuss the possibilities and limitations of managed aquifer recharge (and conjunctive use of surface water, groundwater and non-conventional resources) in the Júcar Water District. During the following days, the colleagues from adelphi research gGmbH conducted bilateral …

Syrine Ghannem

Our team is growing: Syrine Ghannem joined the UPV partner in Valencia

Our AGREEMAR team is growing: Syrine Ghannem just joined as PhD student in the Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Valencia (UPV). She graduated from the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia in 2020 with a BSc in Rural, Water and Forestry engineering majoring in Hydraulics and Rural Engineering. She obtained her MSc degree from the …

Deliverable D2.1 now online: Matrix of feasibility criteria for managed aquifer recharge

Site suitability maps are widely used to rank the potential of different regions for MAR implementation depending on a set of thematic criteria. A review of over 60 cases of MAR suitability mapping (Sallwey et al., 2018) revealed that most studies are focusing only on intrinsic indicators, for example soil type, land use, geology, widely neglecting other technical and non-technical considerations.Inclusion of …

Meeting between Panagiotou and Stelianou

AGREEMAR Cypriot partners explored opportunities for collaboration with representatives of Open University of Cyprus

On 12 October the AGREEMAR Cypriot partner Dr. Konstantinos Panagiotou met with representatives of Open University of Cyprus and discussed opportunities for collaboration within the framework of AGREEMAR project. The meeting with Assistant Professor Marinos Stylianou took place at the facilities of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science at the Open University of Cyprus in Nikosia and focused on …

AGREEMAR presentation at the Sustain-COAST & MEDSAL conference

AGREEMAR at the International Conference on Integrated Groundwater Management of Mediterranean Coastal Aquifers

Our project partner Konstantinos Panagiotou from the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence attended remotely the International Conference on “Integrated Groundwater Management of Mediterranean Coastal Aquifers”, from 27 to 30 September 2022. The conference was jointly organised by two other PRIMA projects, Sustain-COAST and MEDSAL and took place in Chania, on Crete island, Greece. The general scope and the research approach of …