AGREEMAR presented at the 16th Portuguese Water Congress in Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Teresa Leitão (LNEC) presenting the AGREEMAR project at the 16th Portuguese Water Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, on 22 March 2022 (photo: Tiago Martins)

On 22 March, the World Water Day, the AGREEMAR project was presented by Dr. Teresa Leitão at the 16th Portuguese Water Congress in Lisbon, Portugal. The talk entitled “Promoting Managed Aquifer Recharge Implementation in the Mediterranean Area. AGREEMAR Project and Expected Outputs” was presented in the technical session “Groundwater Management in Scarcity Scenarios, Innovation and Adaptation and Threats to Water Resources” (see Book of Proceedings, pp. 139). The main project objectives and the possible outcomes were later discussed with the audience in a Q&A round, which evidenced the growing interest in complementary methodologies and sources for improving water resources management.

Looking into the outcomes of the 16th Water Congress, the topic of MAR has also been referred in other communications and keynotes, on par with the topics of automation/modernization of the water sector technologies. One of the most attended round-tables “Water scarcity in the Southern Region of Portugal. How to Adapt to a new Context?” (see Book of Proceedings, pp. 19) was attended by the Director of the regional delegation of the Portuguese Environment Agency of Alentejo, one of the main Portuguese stakeholders, and who referred to the AGREEMAR project as one of the small steps forward in developing solutions to cope with the challenges ahead. Overall, MAR is slowly penetrating into the mindset of the water managers in Portugal. We hope that AGREEMAR can contribute to have MAR as a daily operation tool contributing to decrease water scarcity impacts in Portugal.