AGREEMAR Deliverable D1.1a. Preliminary analysis of project-relevant stakeholders

D1.1a Preliminary analysis of project-relevant stakeholders

Deliverable D1.1a identifies for each project demo site the key stakeholders at three levels that are significant for the joint development of an overall governance agenda for MAR and its participatory implementation at the local level. In addition, initial assumptions are made about the needs and competences of the identified stakeholders in relation to MAR.

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D1.1 Stakeholder engagement strategy and plan

Deliverable D1.1 provides project partners with tailor-made engagement formats adapted to the needs of the stakeholders, guided in addressing typical engagement challenges and managing conflicts, as well as establishing mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the engagement progress.

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D2.1 Matrix of feasibility criteria for managed aquifer recharge

Deliverable D2.1 is dedicated to the compilation of an extensive database containing hydrogeological, geochemical, biophysical, environmental, social, economic feasibility criteria for managed aquifer recharge. The current version of the database can be downloaded from the following address:

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D2.2 Participative methodology for criteria selection and weighting in MAR site feasibility mapping

Deliverable D2.2 is dedicated to the development of a new methodological approach for mapping the geospatial feasibility of managed aquifer recharge applications. The report focuses on the selection and weighting of feasibility criteria and their integration into a GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis.

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AGREEMAR Deliverable D6.1. Project website

D6.1 Project website

This report describes the website of the AGREEMAR project. The website was developed by the Research Group INOWAS at Technische Universität Dresden and launched in July 2022. The website serves as central tool for dissemination of project results and external communication. The URL of the website is:

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D6.2 Detailed Project Action Plan

This report describes the detailed Project Action Plan (PAP) of the AGREEMAR project. It includes the detailed planning of project tasks including sub-tasks, responsible institutions, the table of deliverables and the GANTT chart.

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D6.3 Data Management Plan (DMP)

This document contains the Data Management Plan (DMP) of the AGREEMAR project. The DMP describes the practices adopted for data management according to general guidelines set by the European Commission and in compliance with the Cooperation Agreement signed by the consortium.

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AGREEMAR Deliverale D6.4.a Minutes of kick-off meeting in Dresden

D6.4a Minutes of kick-off meeting in Dresden

This report summarizes the AGREEMAR kick-off meeting that took place between 5-8 September 2022 at the main Campus of Technische Universität Dresden, Germany. The kick-off meeting was divided into four parts: a) Preliminary bilateral workshops, b) Presentations on the main project objectives, working packages and demo sites, c) Three workshops on the project methodologies and d) Field trip on the Elbe River.

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